About Me

I try to be as well versed as possible, learning all the programs and techniques possible so that I have more options when creating a design. I enjoy combining different mediums and programs to create original designs and effects. Some of my favorite and most successful projects are ones in which I combine my drawing skills with my graphic skills.

When it comes to creating designs and artwork for a client, I like to have in depth conversations about exactly what is desired for the finished product. I like to discuss not only what they would like the end product to be, but also why they want it the way they do. I like to understand the thought process behind what they want because it opens up the door for discussing different ways to accomplish the desired end result. I also like discussing my ideas with as many people as possible during the design process because it’s very valuable to get a fresh look at something that you’ve been looking at so closely.

In regards to my life outside of design, I’ve been a die-hard hockey player since I was three years old, I love golf, ping pong, listening to music (classic rock, reggae, motown, rat pack… the list goes on and on!) funny movies, war movies, gangster movies, and spending time outside doing anything, like golfing, softball, camping, biking, canoing, swimming, etc.

Add all that up and you’ve got the formula for what makes me who I am today: Chad Bianco, 27 years old, graphic designer, resident of Dearborn, Michigan.